Healthy Summer Meal Planning with SodaStream and Otago

Summer is the season of adventure and good times spent with friends & family. It’s the season of fresh veggies, cold drinks, late nights out and sometimes, hung over mornings. Summer is also the season that flies by the quickest where we find ourselves pressed for time trying to maximize every moment, in hopes of fulfilling all of those grandiose plans that range from outdoor adventures and primo relaxation.

But one thing remains consistent: how do you maximize your enjoyability of summer whilst maintaining healthy eating? When you’re an entrepreneur on the go, eating healthy can be incredibly challenging.

I recently discovered Otago, a Montreal-based pre-blended, cooked and packaged food brand that helps considerably with meal planning. In addition, it came in handy with my uber packed month of non-stop projects and WordCamp talk planning. Needless to say, Otago saved the day!

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The one thing that I wasn’t crazy about with Otago was all of the waste that is generated from the packaging. Since we always pay a price for convenience, I would still recommend trying out the service but this is one thing that you may not fancy.

Otago flatlay

Sometimes I need to remind myself that 3 cups of coffee a day isn’t the best for my body (see also: anxiety), and drinking hot tea in this summer heat isn’t for me (neither is waiting for it to cool down, since I usually forget about it and lose interest). Although iced is nice, but who needs all of that sugar in pre-made mixes?

With SodaStream there are endless possibilities to serve up some healthy drinks that can easily replace other sugar-filled options. Having never been a fan of soft drinks, this one was a no brainer. Load on the fruit, sip back and enjoy!

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While SodaStream creates syrups, I prefer to avoid adding any extra sugar to my beverages. Let’s be honest, wine contains enough drinkable calories so I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.

Sodastream Recipe Combo Suggestions

Strawberry Basil

Lemony Mint

Blueberry Peach

Watermelon Peppermint

Lavender Thyme (to make a reduction, use this recipe)

Earl Grey & Vanilla – London Fog on the Spritz (1tsp agave, dash of vanilla caviar and 1 bag of Earl Grey Tea per cup)


*This post was sponsored with products provided to Team Nudabite. 

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