We’re all about the Chefs Summer at Spa Balnea’s Été des Chefs

Ete des Chefs Spa Balnea 2017 Miel Restaurant Pointe Saint Charles
Ete des Chefs Spa Balnea 2017 Miel Restaurant

Summer and good food go super well together, don’t you agree? If you are looking for the perfect way to unwind without having to travel far, Spa Balnea is the perfect destination just about an hour away from Montreal. Where staycation meets getaway with the beauty of the outdoors, you can’t beat their amazing views and affordable fine cuisine. Did we mention that it’s also Été des Chefs season?

Balnea Spa 2017 ete des chefs

Just after the Summer Solstice, every Sunday hosts a different chef from some of the finest Montreal restaurants, who compete for the award-winning dish. Being a lover of all things seafood (and former resident of Pointe Saint Charles), we decided to see what Miel Restaurant had to offer. Let’s just say that portion size aside it did not disappoint – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Été des Chefs 2017 

The meal

Grilled squid served with Mediterranean aromas.

The wine pairing

While red wine isn’t the typical selection that comes to mind when pairing seafood dishes, the Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes-du-Rhône from France was surprisingly delightful.



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Each bite of this delectable dish was savoured (see also: devoured) until the very end. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to eat something so damn delicious and not inhale it like the hunger-driven beast that you are on the inside?

While the meal wasn’t terribly filling (we could have easily eaten two servings), the flavour was explosive and wine well-paired. Relaxation aside, visits to the spa tend to work up an appetite, so if you’re in starvin’ Marvin mode, follow up with some of Mr. Wilsons ice cream

If you plan on doing a couple of hours in the circuit, tanning or swimming, expect to be hungry again later on. We suggest packing a couple of granola bars for later on, or, if you feel like treating yourself, head on over to their in-house restaurant for a post-activity nosh.

Check out the Spa Balnea’s full culinary lineup online to see which restaurants are left for the summer of 2017. 

We’ve shared our experience with you, but which one will YOU go to?

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