Sunless and Bronzed: Our Top Choices for Safer Tanning

Safer sunless tanning

Tanning wreaks havoc on your skin. From melanoma to wrinkles, slathering on the SPF and opting for safer sunless tanning products is becoming bible for Millennials and Xennials alike.
We tested three of the most popular brands that seem to be dominating the market. Read on to see how they measured up!

#3 Jergens

Ok, this brand has been a staple in bathrooms over the years. Whether hair or body care, Jergens is a reputable (less the animal testing) household brand that everyone recognizes, but how did their sunless tanner work out against its competition?

Not very well. Yes, it works but if you don’t exfoliate regularly, the colour will appear darker in patches with a dominant uneven tint that tends to get a bit orange-ish.

#2 St. Tropez

Near-instant results that you will notice within a couple of hours after applying. This quick-acting cream gives a great glow and has a silky, satiny feel. It definitely provided a more natural looking tan than Jergens, but you need to be sure that the coverage is even Steven, and of course, heed caution to the knee area. Since the skin in this area is a little tougher, it tends to absorb the product more so. As well, it’s the most exposed area to the sun (speaking from personal experience here).

Viva Liberata Safer sunless tanning

#1 Vita Liberata

The big winner! Safer, sunless tanning is done right with this product. While the results took a while to be fully noticeable, I gave my legs another go at it the day after. What was most surprising about this product was the shade of the tan – completely natural. If you are looking for a self-tanning cream to give you a realistic look (i.e., mimic the results of tanning naturally under the sun), Vita Liberata is the one for you. The bronzy, golden glow was exactly what I had hoped for and lasted about a week before I began to notice fading.

Bonus: Stay Hydrated with New Derm Moisture Lotion

This moisturizer is a superfood for your skin – yes, really. It contains phytoplankton: a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are missing from our diets. This phytoplankton is effective in treating much more than skin issues – from digestive problems, inflammation and fibromyalgia to migraines, chronic pain, and low energy.

Keep that freshly bronzed skin hydrated with this light, nourishing moisturizer. I’ve packed this travel essential along for several trips already – because I had to thoroughly test it out.

Phytoplankton cream

Be sure to use their promo code: KAREN4BLOGGERS to get 40% off between now and December 31st 2017!


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