Finding Love in the Era of Tinder: The Breakdown Exclusive Dating Workshop

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As it gets a little colder, we find ourselves turning to dating apps to heat things up a little. It doesn’t take long before reality sets in and we are reminded of the monotony of swipe, rinse repeat. Luckily, Love Coach Diana Eskander and Dashing Date organizer Kavita Ajwani are hosting a dating workshop event tomorrow, November 21st at Restaurant Brazino, downtown Montreal. The Breakdown Exclusive Dating Workshop will be the first joint venture between Diana Eskander, Love Coach, and Kavita Ajwani, Dating Expert & owner of Dashing Date.

This first edition is created in mind for women ages 25-40, who have struggled with negative dating experiences in the past, and want to avoid falling into old patterns. This is especially for the woman who is ready for a new kind of dating and relationship experience that makes her feel good and valued. 

No need for Tinder, Bumble or Happn here, so leave the phone in your purse! The workshop aims to shift the perspective of dating as being difficult and daunting to being more enjoyable and easy – and also, to let people know that there is still a world of dating that exists beyond the screen.

Snack attack for two? Our idea of the perfect date involves food.

Ladies will be encouraged to be part of the conversation and liberate themselves from the “rules”, so they can feel more free in their dating experiences. Things are about to get raw and real over wine and hors-d’oeuvres – and we are SO there for it!

“When you feel comfortable being yourself and aren’t focused on trying to please someone on the outside then you can actually get excited about getting out there, meeting people and doing this whole “dating” thing! We’re all for real human connection! That being said, we’d like to shift the perspective from being a “hunt” to opening up to love connections in even the most regular places – like in the lineup at a coffee shop.”

– Diana Eskander

Single or not, you can come!

This first edition isn’t for singles only, there are takeaways for those in new relationships as well.

Why attend a dating workshop?

The same way one would work with a trainer to achieve their fitness goals or use a GPS when lost, sometimes a little guidance makes for an easier ride.

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that the dating scene is hard to navigate alone. The Breakdown Exclusive Dating Workshop is designed to foster confidence, offer direction, and make dating less daunting. 

More events to come – for men, too!

While this event will be for ladies only, the organizers are excited to host an all-male event in 2018, followed by an event with both men and women in one workshop!

Event Details

Time: 6 PM until 9 PM

Where: Restaurant Brazino: 800 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3C 1E4

Tickets: Tickets are $99 and you can buy them here.


About Diana Eskander & Kavita Ajwani

Diana Eskander is a Love Coach with a conscious approach. She helps her clients create the love they want – and shows them how to have fun doing it. An advocate of self-love and mindfulness, she infuses these concepts into her workshops, coaching and everything in between. Diana is a coffee lover, people connector, and conversation starter. 

Kavita Ajwani, Owner of Dashing Date

When we find ourselves looking for answers, Kavita Ajwani’s motto is to “think the opposite”. She questions everything and finds comfort in going against the herd. Her approach to the dating scene is unconventional and encourages her clients to do what is right for them, not for others. Kavita is a Dating Expert, Matchmaker and the owner of Dashing Date.

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