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Article written by: Miss Maude Martin, Vincent Mazrou and Jessica Nudo

Photography: Jessica Nudo

The NudaTeam was at it again! This time we took over the main during the unveiling of SUWU’s new dinner menu, courtesy of Tracey Brooke Public Relations and the darling staff at SUWU – who paid special attention to our every need. #props.

SUWU Menu Tasting-3

Jes and Maude’s Review:

SuWu’s new menu is out! And it is T-A-S-T-Y.

One item from the old menu has stayed put, however: the Cobb Salad. This gem consists of a mountain of greens and vegetables, topped with grilled chicken breast. The salad comes with a side of dressing and a cute little jar filled to the brim with bacon and blue cheese. The trick is to fill the jar with the dressing and shake, shake, shake! Dress the salad with the delectable concoction and voilà: a delicious meal of a salad. How many salads do you know that can take on that description?

Cobb Salad with Chicken
Cobb Salad with Chicken

The cocktails are also very fun. Someone sure went to town finding names for them: Brooklyn’s finest, Wu Tang, and Big Booty Ho are just some of the ones sampled by Nudabite. Just think: you get to ask “can I have a big booty ho?” and actually get what you ask for.

And finally, a note on the appetizers. Salmon and veal tartar are just the right way to start and evening. Raw meat and fish? The veal is extremely lean and perfectly seasoned. Even the vegetarian inside of us says yes please.

Tartare on the new menu at SUWU
Tartare on the new menu at SUWU

Another hot little number not to be missed on the new menu is the buttermilk chicken. This tasty option is served on a bed of sautéed kale and creamed polenta and garnished with hot peppers. Bring your A-game and your appetite, because this meal is killer (and we mean that in a GOOD way).

Buttermilk Chicken
Buttermilk Chicken


Vincent’s Review:

Pour découvrir le nouveau menu du SuWu, Nuda-team a été invitée sur la Main. Notre dégustation débute avec un Pimp’s #1 (sirop simple, menthe, gin). Cocktail rafraîchissant et joliment servi, il sera ravir ces dames. Suit un croûton de tartare de saumon. Étant très difficile sur le tartare de poisson (confession), je doutais. Agréablement surpris, le poisson était bien gras, le croûton très croustillant avec juste assez de fleur de sel, je dis b-r-é-v-o !

Mackerel and quinoa
Mackerel and quinoa

Le tartare de cerf était quant à lui tout aussi savoureux. Ensuite venait du maquereau rouge servi dans une belle grande assiette de style anglais à motifs rose. Bien présenté, il était tendre avec sa peau bien croustillante. L’accompagnait, un « quinoa cake » aux légumes. Bien que croustillant dehors, il était fade dedans. Pour ceux qui souhaitent manger sur la St-Laurent dans un cadre invitant et pas aussi prétentieux que ses voisins, SuWu offre une cuisine honnête et une expérience où on ne fait pas que payer pour le décor, l’ambiance et les pitounes.

SUWU Menu Tasting-8

Final verdict: for an evening out with good music, good food and good cocktails, SuWu is the place to go. Warning: there is a high hipster vibe though, so if you’re a man, grow a beard, and if you’re a woman, wear something vintage.

Special thanks to Jillian and Alessia for WERKIN it and hosting this lovely event. #Hostesseswiththemostess

Find out more about Tracey Brooke Public Relations here

Jillian of TBPR
Jillian of TBPR

SUWU is located at 3581 St. Laurent. Call for reservations @ 514.564.5074 or visit them on Facebook.


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