Meet the Cats of Cat Café Montreal: Part Deux

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Snow is definitely a fall/winter kinda guy. Images can be deceiving, and this boy has legs and a tail for days. Snow has the brightest baby blues and some of the other cats have speculated that he has the ability to see into your soul.

Hold on to your tails, Montreal. The first official North American cat café will be open this Caturday!

Earlier this summer, Nudabite introduced you to seven of the eight cats that have taken up residence at Cat Café Montreal. Since then, one last fur ball was added to the feline roster, and his name is Peace. In the spirit of what I would like to call Cat Week here in Montreal, where plateau residents and visitors alike were given the opportunity to pass by the partially opened Café, it would only be fitting to see it officially open this coming Saturday, August 30th. If you happen to find yourself strolling along rue Saint Denis, be sure to drop by 3435 for their grand opening.

Cat Café Montreal’s cheerful wait staff will be offering samples of cold beverages (iced teas and coffees) as well some tasty bites to savour in the company of the feline dream team. Eager for an official glimpse into Cat Café Montreal? Get acquainted with the kitties right here on Nudabite!

The café will be open for regular business hours of 10am-10pm, and the grand opening will begin at 12 noon and run until 6pm this Saturday. Regular business hours will follow on Sunday.

Interested in becoming a VIP member of the café? Cool cats will get plenty of perks with the Cat Café membership card. The carte Féline will be available for purchase for a special promotional price of $40 (until Saturday, price then rises to $45), which will grant members access to special private events and seminars as well as 50% off all coffee purrrchases. Bring a friend and you get a 2 for 4 coffee with the carte.

Want to see MORE photos? Check out the amazing shots taken by Mathieu Murphy-Perron.


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