Trust Fund Beauty – Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas Day 3

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Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Got Yacht and Hamptons Hookup

Have you ever left the house thinking “Oh man, my nails look sad today.” It’s OK, we’ve all been there. For the beauty fanatic in your life, good style goes beyond the wardrobe, and you can lend a helping hand by giving them the gift of nail beauty. Trust Fund Beauty.

Trust Fund Beauty is a sassy, Montreal-based brand of high quality polish. This eco-friendly product is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 5-free (technically 8-free, if you really wanna know!), making Trust Fund Beauty’s founder Samara Granovsky an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.


Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Got Yacht and Hamptons Hookup


Now, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, I was already sold on Trust Fund Beauty’s packaging before giving the product a test-run.

First up to bat was Got Yacht? The deep, rich, navy hue was pigmented to perfection. After applying a single coat I completely fell in love with this product. It left my nails with a patent leather finish, and paired nicely with my t-rings for that full-on nautical vibe. I may not own a yacht, but this polish left my nails looking luxurious in a way no polish ever has.


Feeling nautical with Trust Fund Beauty’s Polish in ‘Got Yacht’


This amazing product is safe enough for paws of all ages (and..breeds?!) Yes, people are also painting their pets ‘nails’ with TFB, and we are totally down with that. When Samara created the line of polish, she wanted something that was gentle enough for everyone to use, especially for those living with cancer – because beauty is a state of mind, and everyone deserves to feel this way.

I had the chance to interview Samara a little while ago, and our phone chat yielded much hilarity. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her and getting to know more about her brand. I learned quite a bit about her that day. For one, she won’t post a selfie, but given the fame status of her instagram – she doesn’t need to.


Nude Nuda Polish Trust Fund Beauty Montreal Blogger Girl Hands
Life in plastic – is fantastic with Trust Fund Beauty

When I asked Samara about her primary goals for creating such an eco-friendly polish, she expressed a desire to create a product that was safe enough for anyone to use. “When my mother was still battling cancer, she wanted to paint her nails during chemo, but found herself disappointed with the options available. My mother wasn’t vain, but she took a certain amount of pride in her nails.”

Samara also wanted to create a product that she could take pride not only in creating, but wearing! “Finding something that I wanted to do every morning, the polish was just a vehicle for the brand concept. While the reason I chose polish was because of my mom, I’m also a little bit obsessed with polish”

Hands Manicure Nails Cat Cafe Montreal Trust Fund Beauty
Msalon pop-up manicure at the Cat Cafe. Remember: it’s safe enough for pets.


Unlike the toxic commercial brands, not a single part of Trust Fund Beauty is manufactured in China. Every component of the highly ethical super-polish, comes from Toronto (which includes packaging!). So the cost you’re paying per bottle is actually a great price, in my humble Nuda-opinion.

“I’ve turned down really big deals before because they wanted me to change my brand. I’m too new to sell out. There’s nothing wrong with people who do, that’s their choice but I’m gonna do it my way. Love it or hate it it’s still as ethical as I could possibly make it”

What I also loved about this brand, is the colours are not only limited to a woman’s taste. There are a few shades which cater to a more gender-neutral aesthetic, which is awesome because nail polish should be worn by everyone!


Sky Nature Hand Girl Blogger Montreal Trust Fund Beauty
This polish makes me want to high-five life.


While I’m no chemist (some of my close friends may try to convince you otherwise), the quality of the polish held up to my highest expectations. So whatever it is that TFB is doing, it’s working.

While some shades carry a bold shine, high-glam aesthetic that will leave your nails looking and feeling like patent leather, others have a matte finish. We hear is very popular in select parts of Europe – this is the ‘jelly’ finish is said to have made quite the impression, and people are going raving mad for it.


Hamptons Hookup. I’ve got a firm grip on this colour.
Fence Plaid Hand Girl Blogger Montreal Trust Fund Beauty
Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Hamptons Hookup


Trust Fund Beauty makes the idea stocking stuffer

While I can understand that selecting just one colour is a nearly task, fear not because TFB sells sample trios! Whew!

You NEED to follow Trust Fund Beauty’s Instagram account. It’s freakishly hilarious. Trust me.


Are you already a fan-girl (or boy) of  Trust Fund Beauty? Tell us !!


Happy Shopping!

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