MissMe and Aydin Matlabi Create Urban Art for Humanity | MURAL Festival 2017

Mural Festival 2017 Aydin Matlabi MissMe

Mural Festival, which runs from June 8th to 18th 2017, is now in its 5th year and along with the sunny weather, Montrealers are soaking it all in.

Humanitarian photographer Aydin Matlabi and MissMe “the artist vandal” joined forces to create an urban art project with a humanitarian message to represent our modern day heroes: the children. 

The mural titled: BUMI (which means “Life”) is a mixed media piece that was created with the intention to pay homage and bring light to the power of child survivors who are living in crisis overseas. This mural combines photography, wheat paste, and paint and can be found at the corner of St. Laurent and Marie-Anne (on the side of Darling Bar, which serves up a mean sangria).

This mural is a first of its kind at the Festival, which we believe properly represents Montreal’s activism and passion for humanity.

In 2016, Aydin founded Foundation 64, a non-profit to create visibility for NGOs and charities who are committed to supporting human rights causes and human empowerment. This mural is presented on behalf of his foundation and was generously funded by World Vision.

For close to a decade, both artists have been creating multiple projects in relation to social empowerment. MissMe’s work breaks the stereotypical vision of a woman, while Matlabi provides a platform that gives a voice to communities fighting for liberty. BUMI is the first project both artists have ever worked in partnership. Together, their varied approach to art and technique brings forth a new narrative.


We believe the art speaks volumes for the message that it conveys, so come check out MURAL Festival for yourself, bring friends and family along with you and be sure to spread the word! 

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