We The People : A Thought Piece.

Growing up, I was always told that a government is setup for the people by the people. It is a system setup in place for our benefit in our to help us grow as a society. We the people chose what is to be.
Every couple of years, we the people choose a new group to guide us. That group is lead by one person, whose ideas we ‘subscribe’ to.
Now here we are in the fabled future, yet we still work with a system from the past which no longer allows us to advance as we need to in present time.
Elections are held and groups argue with each other in order to get the prime spot at the top of the political ladder. Each year we are told to vote for who we believe is the ideal candidate  to lead our country/province/municipality.
Well, the system is flawed. I no longer vote because I cannot vote for something I do not believe in, because the process behind the actual vote goes against my values. I do not believe that only one group of people is perfect to lead us, as we are all imperfect within our perfections. I was raised to believe that if we put our minds together, we can achieve the unthinkable, the impossible. That we as a group are capable of doing great things.
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I believe that all groups are equal, that all have a voice and all make good points in these electoral debates. Now imagine what would happen if instead of these groups fighting against each other, they united. For the good of the country, the people, and truly focused on the real issues at hand. Instead of spending time and money on campaigns against each other.
Why not see how the public would take to this idea. Surely they could allow us the option to provide instant ‘feedback’,  by simply including “the people” on the ballot. Shouldn’t our government be curious to see if the people want a change…real change? This would be a chance of uniting us as a country/province/municipality, by providing an alternative in this modern day. We are no longer in the dark ages , it is only logical that we as a society change and evolve, and so should our government.
We promote working together in schools, we try and stop bullying and other issues our society has. Yet it is a fact, that the way we act truly sets the tone. Why not have a government that sets the example in the way they act? No more slandering the other parties, no more bullying amongst themselves, lead by example and show the people that together, we can set the example for ourselves, as if we’re really lucky, set an example on a global level.
It’s time to promote values in our society to be proud of them, for only in working together will we achieve great things together.
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How would this work you ask? Well, I am sure if we all sit down together, and put our minds to it, I have no doubt that we can come up with something great. You have my vote.
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