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The Future of Fashion Begins With Your iPhone


Most of us do not consider our electronic devices to be a fashion accessory (truthfully, neither do I). But in reality, our iPhone, earphones, iPods, tablets, laptops are the only accessories we relay on, on a daily basis. We spend so much money and time trying to customize it with the rest of our wardrobe and lifestyle. From pretty pink florescent phone cases to designer laptop covers, I think it’s safe to say the cycle of consumer behavior has shifted. We now spend more money on gizmo’s and gadgets than we do on fashion apparel.

So what does that say about us? Rather what does that say about the future of fashion?

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Image source: www.wired.com – The Narrative Clip


Today I attended a conference by Rene Scott, a designer of wearable technology, called “Wearable Technology- Practical or Fashionable? ”Scott describes ‘wearable’s’ as devices and objects that are part of our everyday baggage. Day in and day out we work to include these objects into the ritual of getting ready in the mornings, and often at times this act will go unnoticed to us (the average consumers). But for the innovators behind capitalism, this is a gap in the market that needs to be filled and sure as hell “wearable technology” is the way to earn a buck or two.

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Image source: www.techcrunch.com Withings


On January 10th, CNet published on article on the CES’s (Consumer Electronic Show) 2015 trade show. Companies such as Fitbit, Withings and products such as The Narrative Clip are creating new gadgets that encourage the consumers to engage with the familiar environment that surrounds them, transforming the performance of well-being and health into colorful and playful items. Only there is one problem: longevity.

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Fitbit Image courtesy of www.fitbit.com


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Tory Burch for Fitbit Image Courtesy of www.closet-confessional.com


Even tough these items are practical, the life span of one of these objects for the average consumer is about 6 months. The question of how often can I wear this?  or when will I ever wear it again?  definitely trickles after you’ve purchased this product. Aware of the aesthetics principle in play, tech companies are beginning to build bridges with fashion brands and fashion aesthetics in order to produce fashionably ‘acceptable’ technology. My guess, is that the industry of fashion is about to get disrupted by wearable tech.

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Swarovski Shine Image Courtesy of www.prnewswire.com


Where fashion meets fitness, Fitbit, in collaboration with designer Tory Burch, has launched their Fitbit Flex tracker, an exclusive line of “super chic accessories” that monitors movement (no doubt targeting the female audience). Yes, wearable tech can now join you on your girl’s night out.


Earlier this month at the CES 2015 trade show, Swarovski also launched a touch of glamour with their line of wearable technology Swarovski Shine. Together with Misfits, the embedded crystal stones whisper “luxury” to the consumer, and there is more to this creation than meets the eye. This little bugger can measure steps, count calories burned, distance, and monitor your sleep quality! Who knew that bedtime now includes a sleepover with Swarovski jewelry?

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Francis Bitonti Image Courtesy of www.ecouterre.com


Ringly is yet another brand of wearable tech that is merging the aesthetic of fashion in their design. Their line of rings act as a notify-er so you can stay connected without missing out on any of the important stuff. But after looking at all these wearable techs, are fashion and technology really making gain in terms of the garment industry?


Rings Tech Accessories Fashion Blogger Gems
Ringly Image Courtesy of www.Irishexaminer.com

Alexander Wang, Pauline Van Dogen and Francis Bitonti are just a few of the many designers that are working towards a future of wearable tech. From creating garments that change color according to body temperature, to garments that generate energy from a solar-powered dress, to the making of 3-D printing dress prototypes. Pretty impressive stuff I’d say.

The cycle of wearable technology (since its initial start up) has defiantly gained recognition. More and more designers are presently working towards crafting designs that are marked with the advancements of technology – even more so considering our heavy consumption and reliance on the use of smartphones.

Therefore, how might the evolution of wearable technology affect the things we do today? Is the production of wearable fashion practical, fashionable or even wearable?


Which of these would you wear? Tell us your thoughts!

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