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Wienstein & Gavinos, the well-known Italian restaurant located at 1434 Crescent Street,  launched its new menu on October 15th, 2013 . Team Nuda-Mau had the pleasure of attending the launch, and we had the weighty responsibility of tasting new menu items as well as (re)discovering the Wienstein and Gavinos brand. I say weighty because we had to be rolled out of there by the end of the evening. Hats off to Tracey Brooke Public Relations ( for the great event!

Jillian Zrihen of TBPR
Jillian Zrihen of TBPR
Detail shot: Jillian rocks the bling.













Change is in the air at W&G. Not only has the restaurant tweaked its menu, but it has also acquired a new head chef, Giuseppe Ricardo Sacchetti, and rebranded itself with the catchy W&G logo. In addition, a cute, tomato-patterned Fiat (appropriately nicknamed Tomato Fiat) adds an interesting flair to the street marketing team. For those familiar with the establishment’s previous dishes, fear not; old favourites are still available (think: meatballs, calamari and the traditional pasta dishes). In fact, the good news is that there are healthier options, and gluten-free pasta is now available. The bad news is that it may take you longer to make up your mind about what to eat.


A few appetizers


The branding change, from the mouthful Wienstein & Gavinos, to the simple W&G, is a clever way to help new patrons remember where it is they are headed to eat (those pre-dinner drinks tend to be strong on an empty stomach). And if you are stumped for a gift-buying obligation (Christmas is around the corner, folks), consider picking up some delicious homemade pasta chips (seasoned and fried raw pasta: high addiction level), fresh pasta sauce or a little bag of penne.


Bite-size everything. Including ravioli


W&G boasts seventeen years of business, which in Montreal’s fickle restaurant industry, is no small feat. Small changes to keep up with the times (and people’s seemingly increasingly difficult dietary needs) is a smart and much needed transformation that will undoubtedly pave the way for many more years of delicious Italian dishes. Brava W&G!


How to make pizza dough with W&G.

Check out the new and improved W&G, which is open seven days a week. For food, the restaurant is open Sun-Weds (11am to 11pm) and Thurs-Sat (11am to 12pm and snacks available until 1am). You are welcome to come drink yourself silly at the bar from Mon-Sun (11am-3am).

Visit them here online:

Twitter @WiensteinGavino
Instagram @wiensteinandgavinos

Or here in person:

1434 rue Crescent, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2B6

For reservations, call:

(514) 288-2231

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