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Calling all wine lovers!!! Best believe that if you make it out to 100 McGill (in the old port) this evening you are in for a heck of a good time.

With the autumn season upon us, fall inspired wines will be the focus of this evening’s wine tasting event. S.G’er and social media mastermind Genevieve Bissonnette has put together the 9th SocialGrapes lab, where folks can pay a fee of $25, sample 5 wines and rate them accordingly. What I love most about this -wine and cheese aside- is the vision of the SocialGrapes team: Let the people rate the wine.

Umm, yes please?

Thinking about checking out this evening’s Lab? Here are the details as follows:

At our LABS:

1. We have fun!
2. We identify and develop our taste preferences
3. We discover new gems
4. We eat great food!
5. We meet cool people


6 wines
Cheeses, cold meats,
Fresh fruit, and more…

Where: 100 rue McGill, Suite 101, Montréal H2Y 2E5

25$ per person

*You can pay at the door.

Interested in learning more about SocialGrapes? Feel free to check out their website here. As well, their facebook page or better yet, come out this evening and see what all the fuss is about 🙂

Happen to have a smart phone/iPhone? They even have an app!

Great wine, good food, nice people and a sweet-as-pie location… what’s not to love?!?!?

So folks: bring your palette, a bit of coin and come out to show your support for SocialGrapes!!

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