Defenders of the Triforce: An Escape Game Chock Full o’Gamers Nostalgia

The Legend of Zelda Defenders of the Triforce

This real Escape Game x The Legend of Zelda, brings you back to a time when polygons ruled the world.

Your adventure starts with an N64 Ocarina of Time style animation video which introduces you to this Zelda world and explains how Ganondorf conquered Hyrule. It is up to Link (your team) to get the Master sword and stop Ganondorf from gaining the missing 2 Triforce pieces and return Hyrule to normal so it can be freed from perpetual darkness.

Nintendo 64 nostalgia abound, this 60-minute escape game does it’s best to make you feel like you are adventuring in Hyrule. While the décor lacks a little, the characters, costumes & challenges are what makes this game fun. From the introduction & rule explanation by Sheik, to the annoyingly cute Navis, the affable Kokiri, the lovable Gorons, and more Hyrule characters, running around in green (sometimes red) Link hats trying to find the clues is a fun and challenging experience.

What’s involved on your part

The tasks range from math exercises & breaking pots to puzzle solving & word decryptions. Without ruining any of the puzzles and like all other escape games, pay attention to every little detail. It may be an escape game that takes part in the Zelda world, but at its core it is just that, an exciting, only if we had another 3 minutes we would have solved it, escape game.

This escape game is rated E for everyone!


Reviewed by: Matthew Henson

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