Organic Greens Growing Kit – Gift Ideas Day 7

Organic Greens DIY

Gift giving can be extra special when your gift is something that can grow. I’m not talking about planting that $20 bill you get year after year from your great aunt, more like something you can water some life into. Plants are always a nice idea, but depending on your method of transportation, things can get messy.

A few weeks ago while I was shopping for groceries, I discovered the cutest little growing kit that would make the coolest last minute gift. Grow your own organic greens with this neat kit, which can be picked up in a pinch and is available at your local Loblaws.

These micro greens are a great way to kick your salads and sandwiches up a notch. Not only are they pretty but they are loaded with nutrients, and growing them at home means they are also fresher than fresh.

I picked up my kit at my nearest Loblaws, but I discovered they are also available for purchase online. There’s quite a variety of other certified organic products, so I highly suggest checking them out.

The kit comes with two soil disks and enough seeds for a second planting. I just wish the kit came with more seeds so I could go on a greens-growing frenzy.


So if you find yourself in the supermarket and it’s just dawned on you that there’s someone you forgot to shop for, this gift truly is the gift that keeps on giving (try saying that 3X fast!).

This also makes a nice housewarming present and a lovely alternative to a bottle of wine when you’re invited over to dinner and the host doesn’t drink 😉

Happy shopping!





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