Overview of Montreal Fashion Week 25th Edition

While I am grateful for every single accredited experience that I have been granted by Semaine de la Mode, it’s time to ‘call it like it is’.

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I’ve been attending Montreal Fashion week for over 3 years now, and in those 3 years I’ve witnessed several transitions. The transitions of Montreal fashion itself – styles+seasons- the change in venue (from the classic Old Montreal to rustically charming Griffintown) and even a change of corporate sponsors (gotta love those swag bags, right?).


Eve Gravel
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While change is inevitable and said to be the only constant, it isn’t always seamless. Take for example the recent announcement that Semaine de la Mode recently made at the press conference during day three of Fashion Week. They announced that there will be a merge between Festival Mode and Design with the usual September fashion week -to create a more unified, collaborative event for the public and private sector alike- a financially wise choice, no doubt. But does it hold the best interests of those in the industry? The designers? The buyers? Let’s not forget the bloggers who invest their time and energy (and money- fashion doesn’t come cheap, ya know!) and work our hungry little butts off for a glimpse at what’s to be of local fashion 6 months down-the-road. Well, the road to success is long, and now, it’s even longer if you choose to stay local. And how does one measure success within the local Montreal fashion market sphere?

Not a Montreal Designer

You might say this is related to the current state of our economy. You might even blame it on politics. As a blogger, all I can go on is based on the ‘hear-say’ during and after the press conference and a select few media outlets who have their own opinions. However if my Nuda-stincts are telling me anything, is that this smells like a cover-up.

Taking out September’s Fashion Week is like eliminating Vogue’s September Issue: you just don’t do it. And- if you DO do it, it’s not because you are trying to benefit the industry. It comes down to money.

The state of our economy has been no secret to those who live within the ‘walls’ of Quebec and Montreal. Stories of corruption have made news headlines and produced public knowledge over the last few years, which clearly has soiled our once (more-so) ‘tidy’ reputation.

Denis Gagnon
Melissa Nepton


Could it be that our fashionable alter- ‘joie de vivre’-ego has now become affected in ways that are not reparable? Are we failing as a fashion-society?

Considering that this was the 25th edition of Montreal Fashion week I had much higher hopes and greater expectations for the 25th edition. Heck, even my bestie and collaborator, Miss Maude feels quite similarly.

How do YOU feel about SDM’s decision? Do YOU feel it’s affected by the economy and or politics?


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